Photograph by David L. Workman

Welcome to Workman & Associates, Inc. We have been around since 1998.We help our clients achieve their goals through effective communication, engaging the help of strategic partners who share their vision of what can be - and what should be.

We produce inspiring non-fiction literature - true stories for readers who choose to be surprised and uplifted by the power of everyday people to make the world different.


Our Mission

To inspire. To engage. To support those who make a difference.

. . . a fine, well written book that blends (the author’s) personal story with the greater events of American life in the second half of the 20th Century. Workman’s celebration of family deserves to be read.”
— R. Headley, review

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Letter from Alabama: The Inspiring True Story of Strangers Who Saved a Child and Changed a Family Forever

By David L. Workman

Be surprised, be uplifted by this true account of tragedy, courage, love, and forgiveness triumphing over tragedy. And by a Letter from Alabama that changed everything.