'A Solid 4.5 Stars' for Letter from Alabama

Here's a new Amazon reviewer's comment on 'Letter from Alabama' . . .

ByYankeelinon August 17, 2015

Format: Paperback

This is one of those books that works its way into your heart and just will not be dislodged...i found myself thinking about David and his brothers long after the reading was done.
In 1952 a woman in Alabama sends a letter to the editor of a newspaper in Dayton, OH in hopes that 1- someone will read and publish it and 2- that someone will identify the little boy left in her care.
And so his story begins. And flourishes. And spreads across the country.
The author sums it up best on one sentence...."it will become a lifelong lesson about the power of grace and acceptance-the capacity of open arms and an open heart to (transform) human relationships."Letter from Alabama: The Inspiring True Story of Strangers Who Saved a Child and Changed a Family Forever