A powerful image, a powerfully true story

A 'story behind the story' of 'Letter from Alabama' is the compelling book cover created by  graphic designer Luis Prado of Olympia, WA. Luis is a true professional, and I was beyond happy when he agreed to create the cover for the book, as well as 3 maps that are important to the story. Luis read the manuscript, asked for copies of several old family photos, and went to work. His final creation was the result of his ingenious mind and how it processed several different photos. The fact that he made such strong images out of very small faces in 60-year-old snapshots shows his skill and meticulous eye for detail. To be honest, when I first saw his creation, I was startled. . . it was that powerful. I believe Luis got to the very heart of 'Letter from Alabama,' the true story of a little boy saved by grace and a family's love -- and by a letter. I will always be thankful that Luis invested himself in this story and this book. See his creation, and more, here: www.facebook.com/letterfromalabama

And here: www.amazon.com/dp/B00VQIIODK

And here: http://goo.gl/LjJMFD